2 comments on ““Great Albania” + Jihadists – a new threat for Macedonia?

    • Thank you for comment, thanks very much!

      No doubt, Macedonian government surely strive to control such a kind of extremism, because it’s already well documented security threat registered nearby in Albania and in Kosovo particulary. To understand the influence of Macedonian neighborhood on Macedonian society, it’s necessary to realize that a triangle Macedonia-Albania-Kosovo is a very undeveloped and mountainous, and the most permeable area in Europe, with border edges populated by same ethnic group, interwoven with internal connections like family relationships.
      But, it’s hard to evaluate how government execute this control over suspicious elements because there aren’t lots of open source informations.
      How “large” these crackdowns are, only government knows indeed – but sure there isn’t nothing so spectacular and bombastic, widely exploited by media.

      After suppression of the rebellion in 2001, what was last large crackdown on an Albanian separatist tendencies, the government was forced to secure Albanian national rights and there was established a peace, but with fragile balance.
      Generally, Albanians formally recognize Macedonian state- Macedonians recognize Albanian national rights.

      Ethnic Macedonians haven’t been faced with a security problem of a radicalized Islamism till last few years, and it isn’t present in Macedonia’s reality on such large scale as on Middle East. “Common” Macedonians, just like most people in every ethnicaly heterogeneous state, are looking for peaceful coexistence and aren’t keen for any destabilization – moreover, many youngsters learns Albanian as second or third language -but little “provocations” are emerging from the both sides (like Macedonian erection of giant Christian cross in capital city, or Albanians exposition of Albanian Eagle in same city).
      The distinction among cultural identities is everpresented and it’s undeniable as political factor- so the “epithets”, in private use, about Albanians or Macedonians are ordinary folklore.
      Under influence of global “war on terror” discourse, Albanian national emancipation in non-Albanian states and local cases of “jihadist” adventurers, it’s clear that epithets are getting rooted on Macedonian simplified perception of “disloyal” Albanian – but we won’t find them in public communication.
      so the question is: would these old cultural boundaries be exploited in islamistic in irrational “jihadist” manner ?

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